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Fequently Asked Questions - MagicCute Data Recovery

I'm having trouble using MagicCute Data Recovery or I have no idea how some features work, help?
If you have questions or are having problems, the first thing you will want to try is the help document. This document will walk you through all of the features of MagicCute Data Recovery and will help you troubleshoot. It is a very short read since MagicCute Data Recovery was made to be easy to use. 

If you are still having problems you should e-mail to the Support Center ([email protected]). You may ask your questions and receive help from the knowledgeable staff.

How do I recover the files found by MagicCute Data Recovery?
To save files you need license code. To try MagicCute Data Recovery(download free version), you can try the free scan progress and preview the found files. If you get a license code, input it to the register dialog and activate the software.

Why do I need a different place to save my lost data?
This requirement is not exclusive to MagicCute Data Recovery. If you use any other recovery utility, they will all have the same requirement.
The answer is very simple, if you recover files from a drive to the same drive you are most likely going to overwrite the data that is already there making further recovery impossible.
There are several choices to save data to. You may save it to another internal drive, a separate partition, an external drive, a USB flash drive.

How do I know that the data MagicCute Data Recovery found will be ok?
The best way of determining file quality is to use the 'preview' button from the files selection dialog. Not all file types can preview, but a great way to determine the general file quality will be to review gif, png and jpg files. If you're familiar with the file structure of non-previewable files, or you know the contents of the file (like a MS Word file), then previewing it will show you the contents of it.

My hard drive appears to have a hardware problem. But my data stored on it is very important to me. Can MagicCute Data Recovery help me? 
Immediately turn your system off and disconnect the drive. DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH IT BY YOURSELF ANYMORE! Bring the drive to qualified data recovery professionals. They have special equipment, software, and, most important, required skills to work with such drives. Neither MagicCute Data Recovery, nor other data recovery software will help you in such case. Moreover, any further tampering with such drive will surely inflict more damage to your data. Quite often such damage is mortal to them.
Symptoms that a hard drive has hardware problems:
. Your system does not recognize the device anymore, or it appears under unusual name.
. SMART inspecting programs report a severe hardware failure event.
. The hard drive makes unusual noise, clicks, starts too slowly.
Bad blocks constantly appear on your hard drive. 

If I emptied my Recycle Bin, can I find files that had been there before?
Yes, you may find them. You may try our MagicCute Data Recovery and check if our software can find files deleted from Recycle Bin. Please note that file/folder usually lose their original names when they are moved to Recycle Bin. Check the date or /and size of such found folders/files. It may help you to figure out which files/folders are you dealing with. That is how files are deleted in the Windows OS. 

Windows does not start on my computer anymore. How can I recover my files? 
You should connect the hard drive from the computer to another computer with MagicCute Data Recovery installed.

My flash memory card had a problem. It lost the previous file system. All my pictures has gone. If there is any other way to try to find my files?
In this case please select the Photo Recovery on the main menu and take the flash card as scan source. Usually all pictures in Flash Memory are not fragmented and can be found in this mode.

I want to scan just specific folder(s). Can I do that? 
No, MagicCute Data Recovery scans the objects on the low level. The scan tries to find any files system that exists and/or existed on your HDD, rather than a specific folder or file.

MagicCute Data Recovery scans my disk for a long time. Can I stop it and check the results? 
While scanning in free sectors mode, MagicCute Data Recovery tries to find lost files by their file characteristics typical to particular file types. That makes the scan process a long-time procedure. But in logical mode, it scan files according the file system. So it take a short time in comparison with free sectors mode. 
If you can't wait that long time, you may click the cancel to stop the scanning and skip it to further operation.

I see folders named as '-ORPHAN_FILE-XX'. What does that mean? 
In NTFS file system, An orphan file is a file that is no longer needed. It may have been part of a larger program (the parents), but when the program was removed, it somehow left the orphan file by itself. When the orphan file is found, MagicCute Data Recovery will put it into the folder name as '-ORPHAN_FILE-XX' that can contains lots of orphan files. 

When I recovered files, I see a bunch of files called 12456.jpg, 234578.jpg, etc. Does that mean I need to rename them manually to the names I want? 
Actually in Logical mode MagicCute Data Recovery shows all file names as they appear in the system. But in free sectors mode formatted recovery and photo recovery, MagicCute Data Recovery shows all file names as the sector number where they are found. You have to rename them back manually.


System Requirements:

Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



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